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The To Do List Version 5.0.2 is a program created by Curit Software to better manage one's list of things to do each day. It has a user friendly interface with three main windows needed for operation. One called 'Archive' and a second called 'The List'. And the main window has two buttons that bring you to the aforementioned windows. Here is a definition of the two windows with screenshots:

Main Menu
This is the new main menu for the To Do List application. Click the button of the form you would like to view/edit. The archive form (used to be the list), allows users to enter new things to do through an form like application, it also allows users to sort by items not done and includes a menu on the side of items to be done.

The Archive
The Archive is where you will add and complete your to do list items. It is also a complete list of all your items you have added completed or not. In the new 4.0 version of the To Do List you are also given a list on the side saying which items are yet to be done. You can also sort the form view to see only items which have not been completed yet.

The List
As simple as it sounds :) This lists all of the items you have in your to do list for the history of how long you have been using the application.

Created By: Alex Curit
Created on: November 2010
Last Update: Version 5.0.2 04/08/2013