My Home Page!!!! server maybe shutdown from August 28 - 29 do to Hurricane Irene!!

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Just received another promotion at my job at IDEXX Labs. Starting September 9th, 2013 I will be a System Administrator I on the Middleware Team. I am so excited to get started. :)

Going out on a date tonight first time in a while, I hope that she is the one I am looking for. :)

I just finished a bunch of updates to classifieds. And also an announcement regarding it will come soon! :)
- new buttons accross the whole site.
- new site header and index page.
- And other odds and ends.

I have gotten a promotion at my job at IDEXX. Starting February 21, 2011 i will be a Desktop Support Engineer!!!!

I have purchased for use with my new project.

Do to the Hurricane Irene Which is expected to hit this area, maybe down for an unknown amount of time this weekend. Everything should be back and ordinary by Monday or Tuesday of next week. As a precaution I will probably shut the server down for this time frame: 8.28.2011-8.29.2011.

YEA!!!! Got a job at IDEXX as a IT Help Desk Analyst!!

Welcome home Gabi!!

To Do List 2.1 and 3.0 Beta are now online!!

Server Back online, after the move. Lil-Fox.Net is back online!!

Server Back online: The server is back online after being down yesterday.

My page for Microsoft Operating Systems (How to use nlite) has been created HERE

New Home Website, where a photo timeline of our new home being built can be found

New site updates:
  • My ctech website is now at
  • A new website created Lil' Fox

New site updates:
  • Dice Game updated HERE Updates include a new leaderboard, ranking/level system, and new graphics soon.
  • New Page for my Network Systems Management project.
  • All New AnimeEmpire Website, login and watch anime for free HERE!!!!
  • I've begun development on another website. Please Check back often to see when the beta will be released.

Unfortunately on October 3, 2009 my family home was struck by lightening and caught fire. We could only save some stuff but thank God every one inside made it out safely. But the fire did claim the life of our family dog Mahal. We will always remember you Mahal.
Also in the fire was my linux Slackware 12.2 Apache web server which I had named master root. So all websites are now down because they were on that server. For now my only websites will be on this my school website. I would like to thank everyone who has helped my family and me out.

I am working on an online story called Fudo Coming soon . . . for updates
go to Fudo.

New Server set up and running Kubuntu!!! It's name is Bonzai and it's to
test new websites so it won't always be up and running but heres the link
to it: Bonzai Anime

Two new sites added AnimeEmpire and Please visit them and let me know what you think.

Anime Central my second official web site is now up and running!! please check it out

UrSpace now officially up and running and it has it's own website url UrSpace

It has moved so be sure to click the right link

UrSpace BETA version is up and running!, please check it out. some features are not fully operational yet, but please be patient because they will be soon! UrSpace

Thug Life CoD website updated!! To visit it please click here

Thug Life CoD clan officially recognized by!!!!

Another update to the Dice game!!
new log out button and leaderboard design.

Major Dice Game Update
Dice Game version 2.0 has an added feature of
adding to your bet after each roll!!

New Leader Board Created for Dice Game!!
Check it out by clicking the link above.

Working on Black Jack Pro, check back soon!!

new layout on the wager page!!

R.I.P. Mahal (October 3rd, 2009)